Welcome to our
New Campus

Who We Are

We are a church that believes in Jesus.
We believe that Jesus shows and defines genuine love.
Together we learn to Love God and Love People.
We invite you to call this place your home.

Christ Centered

Christ is Lord of every part of our lives. Without surrender and obedience to Him, we cannot have true fellowship with Him or each other.

Biblically Faithful

We are committed to an unchaning message in a changing culture.

Dependant on God

Faith-filled prayer precedes everything. Nothing lasting is accomplished without prayer. Real prayer is not enforcing our will on heave, but understanding and surrendering to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Genuine Community

We value loving people just as Jesus did. Life transformation takes place through honoring, nurturing, accepting and forgiving relationships. This is best expressed in small groups.

Grand Opening

Dec 2nd

Join our big celebration to the official start of this amazing journey!!

8260 13th Ave
Burnaby, BC V3N 2G5
John Knox (in the Gym)
@ 3:00 PM

Check out our flyer!

For more details, please visit the Facebook page.

Advent Sermon Series

4-Week Sermon Series leading up to Christmas


What else are you waiting for? Come join us!